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I always try to incorporate at least some type of pottery or vase into all my design work. It is the most cost effective way of adding structural interest to the garden. While the addition of any one of these other items such as, fountains, walls or pergolas are more involved detailed elements, they may complete the garden in a way that may serve as a destination point, give it dimension or lend itself to that "outdoor room" appeal. They not only add the structure that punctuates a garden, but may serve to add permanent colorful  interest, or break up, or enhance a continuous sea of green, such as a wall of vines or hedges.



Pergola for VinesImage035.jpg

The photo above shows newly planted bougainvillea vines. They will eventually climb the wires leading to the pergola above. The structure was designed and built to address the shed and garage walls that flank the property by itt's neighbors. What would have been 2 unattractive walls as a view, will now be flowering, vine covered garden walls that will be a beautiful back drop to the yard and viewed from the residence.

Pergola BenchP5090036REa.JPG

After designing the taller wall in the backround and the raised planter containing  the roses, lavender etc., what would have been just a very long raised planter, I worked in a  pergola covered  wall bench.  This breaks up the wall while providing additional seating in what is a very narrow area adjacent to the pool.

Garden drainage for petsP9150035.JPG

As you can see, the clients on this property had additional considerations. There is one more additional happy pooch out of this shot. The gravel that you see surrounding the grass areas is actually hiding an unseen series of drainage channels. It was important to the homeowners that when the concrete areas became dirty, and  urine needed to be washed away, it was done in a way that carried it away from the area where they entertained. During the design process I suggested that we hide what would have been unsightly drain grates/caps dotting the nicely colored and sand finished concrete, and install a channel system.

Pergola backdrop P5010115REb.JPG

The white pergola structure seen through the vines, gives the garden edges an anchor. It defines and refines the space. I always try to add some sort of short pergola-like structure into most "traditional" gardens. There are other styles of structure and elements that can be used in other garden designs whether it be Contemporary, English,  Mediterranean or Modern.

Driveway Hardscape redo IImage012a.JPG

The photo above shows the rear driveway in the foreground.  There was no way around the code to remove it. The idea was to create a patio-like feeling, so when a vehicle was not there it could be used to entertain on, and not have the view from the deck be of a solid concrete pad of typical driveway space.

Hardscape front pathImage002RE8012a.JPG

The homeowner, an engineer, requested the hardscape paths to be "chaos inside of order". The "chaos" is the different sized squares with tiles inserted in them, positioned at various angles,  and the "order" is the gravel border to contain, smooth and control it all.

Flagstone PathP2090173.JPG

It is not always nessesary to have a solid concrete pathway. These flagstones lead from the driveway to the front entry.  What is not seen, will keep this path level and not slowly sink over time into the surrounding soils. A series of layers totaling  6"-8" , all within a pre-determined trench make up the basic stucture.  A compacted layer, a large gravel layer, a sand layer and finally a combination of sand & soil layer on which the stones and the creeping ground covers are placed, are what will give this stone path durability.

Contemporay Garden seating Image031RE.jpg

This residence had large floor to ceiling windows that looked out into the rear garden area. These smooth, monolithic walls and cubes  were very appropriate for this contemporary home.  They also serve to separate the master bedroom terrace from the pathway adjacent to it.

Contemporary FountainImageB035aRE.jpg

The water feature, walls and cubes could be viewed from the all glass entry foyer right through to the front of the property. The client wanted end point vistas for the eye to stop at. They thought it would be done with plants and trees alone, but I surprised them with actual structures.

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Landscape Elements 
Below are links to small sample photo catalogs of the most commonly used items. They show a very small cross section of what is available. If you want to add any of these elements to your garden or maybe just see what may be available please click on one of the pictures below. Natures Art can provide many more selections and a possible contractors discount on some items when combined with any consultation or design work performed by us.

Pottery & Vases P3150270RE808.JPG

Pottery & Vases

Lighting G828RE.jpg


Fountains & Water Features P3150301RE808.JPG

Water Features

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