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I will first meet with you at the site or residence in question. During the initial meeting we should discuss your wish list and what you would like to generally accomplish. I will ask you a few questions that will help me to see where your thoughts are at with regards to the design process and what experiences you may have had previously, favorable or otherwise.  If you want to show me magazines,  photos etc. of what appeals to you as a general look, please feel free to do so.  While this is not necessary for me to arrive at a plan, it will assist me in seeing what you may consider or label as a particular style of design, such as English garden, Tropical, Contemporary, Minimalist etc.  Some clients do not have this material at the initial meeting, while others have a library. Since 95% of my work is from referrals from projects completed, clients  will usually have some items to discuss and  basically want to meet, break the ice and have a general discussion about the property and layout.,
       As a general rule I do not ask what the budget will be, but you may offer that information if you would like. I always inform my potential clients to let me design the property as I think it should be done, including some extras along with your previous input/guidelines to me. That way we can then go back and eliminate items or scale down the scope of the design to fit it into the budget that you have available. This allows you to be exposed to what can be done and not have the " I wish I had known we could have had that" syndrome.  In some cases, after getting an estimate, we have scaled up, adding items and elements and finished materials that the budget still allows.  If you have an absolute budget, and want or must to stick to it and time is a major factor, then letting me  know that before we start the design process is a good idea. We can then concentrate our efforts on a design that fits the pocket comfortably. This will save some potentially wasted time in adding elements that will only in the end lure you into spending more than you should. Remember, additional stress should not be part of this process. 
      There is a nominal consultation fee due at the initial meeting.  This  fee will be deducted from the standard "Design Fee" if you sign on to move forward with the full design plan.  Half of this fee will be deducted for any of the other choices found below.


      NATURES ART DESIGNS & INSTALLS - With this choice,  I will design everything from A-Z. This includes hardscape(ie:pergolas, bbq's, walls, pathways etc.), irrigation(layout), lighting(layout), sods/grasses, and all plant material(types, sizes, quantities, locations). I will gather all estimates from any necessary contractors, and perform the installation under Natures Art license. This will insure that  you only have to speak to "one person" during the installation/construction. More importantly, all responsibility falls into my hands. I find this minimizes lost communication from person(client or sub-contractor) to person(s) in charge. A full plan will be submitted after 3-4 meetings which could take place over a period of anywhere from 4-8 weeks.
      I hire only licensed and insured contractors, all other labor works under Natures Art license. Natures Art is a current member of the California Landscape Contractors Association, licensed, bonded and insured.
     At our final meeting, after the 4-8 weeks of design time, and the final plan has been approved, we will have one final submission meeting 7-9 business days from approval date to review the total estimate, or  I can fax back an estimate for installation/construction of all included elements on the plan within 7-9 business days from approval date.

With this choice I will design A-Z. You can then use your own labor or contacts. You will be responsible for your own contractors/labor. I can supervise the installation, or a portion of it for a set fee. This is for "design implementation" only. Sometimes a client just finds it helpful to meet with the labor they have hired to maybe get them started,  have me stake out the plan, or possibly visit daily to make sure all is going as designed. Under this plan the plant material would still be installed and purchased by Natures Art.  After discussing the extent of my involvement,  I will fax back an estimate of the hours required for over-seeing any project aspect within 3-4 business days, or just an estimate for the plant material and labor to install it within 4-6 business days.

- Natures Art also performs concept work. This is not a substitute for the two(2) options explained above. This works best for individuals who have construction/installation experience, or have a keen eye for visualization. Sometimes a client just wants to see what a certain section(s) will appear as on the property, or maybe get rough ideas to work on at their leisure, combined with periodic phone calls to me to guide them along during the process. However, you may find it useful.  Real photos of your property with computer generated overlays of plants and structures designed by me, are the design materials you will receive. Sometimes due to clutter  etc. on property the photo will not be clear, so a hand drawn sketch "overlay" will also be used in conjunction with computer generation. We will discuss the level of design and scope you want to accomplish so I may estimate the hours of time to arrive at some "conceptual" ideas. I will fax you an estimate of the hours required to design a few conceptual views within 1-2 business days.

      DO YOU ALREADY HAVE PLANS ? - If you already have plans(or partial plans), and need materials such as flagstone, decorative boulders/gravel, vases/pottery, sods or plants delivered(sorry no construction materials ie:cinder block, re-bar, lumber).  I would arrange to meet you at the site/residence to discuss your list or to take any necessary measurements. You can explain the level of my involvement that you require.  Dependent on quantity of materials needed, the response time, to receive your estimate will vary. I will fax back an estimate of labor cost along with any materials within 3-8 business days.


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