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        Natures Art is a Landscape Design & Contracting company based in the Los Angeles area. We are licensed and a member of the "California Landscape Contractors Association". Complete landscape, hardscape and garden design plans  along with irrigation  are the main focus of  Natures Art.  The landscape related sales of a wide variety of plant and flower materials along with  pottery and fountains  are also offered.  
       Everyone should have a landscaped retreat in which to relax, play or entertain.  Whether you have a small  balcony, a large patio terrace, or several acres, everyone can enjoy a peaceful area,  be it  natural or man made,  it rejuvenates the mind and body.      
      Your idea of a garden retreat may be anything from a grouping of stones with a patch of moss, a candle and a single chair. It may be  a safe area for the kids to play in,  or it might be an entertainment and cooking  center  adjacent to a sweeping lawn leading to a hedge maze that leads to a secret garden.  With many design, installation and build options,
Natures Art can help you achieve that goal.           
      Landscape Design plans can be as simple as a layout of your one clear thought of a simple goal and set budget taking a period of  2 to 3  weeks to design and complete.  Plans can also be a layout of several options involving brainstorm meetings and budget changes, before narrowing it down to one final plan that may include all the extras  which could take  several weeks,  or in some cases for large scale projects,  up to several months to complete. 
      The completed Landscape installation should  be a visually well  designed  plan that  addresses placement of  plant material and hardscape for easy flow and address many years of use and changes in anyone's life.  The plan should also address the unseen, but equally important operational functions of irrigation, drainage and lighting .  All these items addressed properly will not only give you an environment that is visually appealing,  but also functions without much thought or stress given to it's operation and longevity.
      A comfortable relationship of open, honest conversation, trust and debate should exist between designer and client. The eventual design should reflect the clients dreams and desires, with the designer having a very important  mission of  guiding the client with new ideas, changing with their goals  and creative ways of installing the project that may not have been  previously considered.

"At Natures Art my goal is to bring to life my clients visions. If there is no vision, no problem, I have many design options and can introduce new ideas we can explore and layout with sketches and concepts  into a workable set of plans that fit your budget, and will bring that vision to life." 
Additionally,  all successful landscape design  installation begins with a complete plan to work from.  Plant materials, hardscape, structures and all the inner workings must come into play, installing it properly requires a "master plan" to work from. My emphasis on a detailed design, covering all your choices of finishes, trim work and accessories are all a requirement  to have a satisfactory outcome. If needed, I like to spend the extra time and effort at the design stage for the working out of any potential problems I feel we may later encounter.


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